Care tips / Guide

You are totally in luv with these pieces? So are we … being in love with something means taking care of it…I mean you want to wear these babies for a long long time, don’t you?

For that reason we summed up a few care tips. However you gotta make sure that you are not a mermaid.. I mean girl you are sexy af..but you are not our target group sorry. For our ASPERIAR-Addicts, if you are a sea-god like Neptune or Poseidon, you better look for another piece of jewelry… #temptationIsReal..we are aware of it, but ASPERIAR is the sh!t for real alpha men from earth or some other uncontrollable species like phoenix. So pls. take care of ASPERIAR rings by following these care tips:

  • To remove sweat and the finest dirt particles you should only use a soft, lint-free cloth.
  • Do not use harsh detergents
  • Do not store the rings in humid rooms
  • Do not wear ASPERIAR rings while exercising, taking a shower or during a sauna visit
  • Remove the rings when washing your hands
  • Keep the rings in the box we sent to you, so they do not scratch or tarnish.